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"Green" Construction

Sustainable practices and recycling have long been identified by Atlantic Boston Construction as important business practices well before they became popular trends. The firm recycled construction materials long before it became fashionable because it was always more practical, efficient and the right thing to do. Now, this "Yankee" tradition of frugality and conservation is a national movement.

Atlantic Boston has experience with new technologies too, as shown by its installation of one of the region's largest solar arrays at TradeCenter 128, Woburn, a LEED pre-certified Gold building, as well as other locations shown below. The entire complicated installation at TradeCenter 128 was completed in less than one week in very adverse weather.

As the photo below shows, it is an impressive assembly. Click here to see up-to-date information on the tremendous amount of electricity the array generates.

In addition to sophisticated solar arrays, Atlantic Boston Construction has extensive experience in interior and exterior lighting upgrades and other energy efficient retrofit programs. Many local firms have enlisted its services to reap substantial savings on energy costs. Energy efficient lighting conversions are a specialty, and Atlantic Boston Construction has partnered with NSTAR and National Grid, locally, to upgrade hundreds of several prominent commercial facilities in Woburn, Medford and Beverly.